I have no greater JOY than to know my children are walking in the TRUTH.  3 John 1:4

Dad's Sunday Sermon


You may wonder, what the heck is this site all about.  Well I'll tell you.  Many years ago, after my children got to be in their late teens, I realized that I had really done a poor job on raising my children in the way of the Lord.  I had done all the "Dad things" such as wrestling on the floor, coaching little league, teaching them how to ride a bike, playing catch, tag, hide and seek, and video games (although I really stunk at that), school lesson help, vacations, discipline, etc., but when it came to teaching them about the Lord, I failed miserably.  Thus in February 1996, I sat down and wrote a letter to each of my 4 adult children.  In that first DSS, I explained why I was doing this and all about my failure to do what a Dad should have done as the spiritual leader of his family.  Thereafter, every week, I would send them a letter with life lessons about what the Bible said on many subjects.


I would find inspiration in many areas.  Most of the ideas were not original from myself, but rather I would pick up stories or commentary from a variety of sources.  Sources such as the many gifted Pastors on the radio and internet.  I would also take stories and themes directly from the Bible that I would explore with them.  For the most part, I would keep the length to only one page, in other words, short and right to the point.  When I started this in Feb 1996, I thought I'd do this for a year or so.  Well about 20 years later and some 1000+ DSS, I am still going.  Along the way, I have been privledged to see my grown children change as the Lord works in their lives.  I take no credit for that whatsoever.  I am just happy to be used this way.


On my Resources and Links section, I have a list of many of those resources I used.  I cannot thank enough and give credit to so many of those wonderful pastors and teachers for all their encouragement that I have been able to utilize, to pass onto my children over all these many years.   In my archives I have samples of some of the many DSS I have written over the years.  The purpose of this site is to ENCOURAGE ALL DAD'S to not miss out on teaching your children the most important lessons they will ever be taught.  Also, to let so many of you know that IT IS NEVER TOO LATE



So go ahead and take this idea and write your own weekly DSS to your own children no matter what age they are.  They may surprise you, Dad, as my own children did.  You see after a couple of years, I thought I should stop writing these, however, when I told my children I was going to stop, you know what they said?.........that is why I am still writing these and will do this until the Lord calls me Home.

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