Dad's Sunday Sermon


The archives I have included are just a sampling of my previous DSS writings from the years I have been doing this. During those years I have added different things along the way. One such thing was adding mystery words on each DSS in order to spell out a sentence. The first one to get the sentence correct got a prize. I think I did that just to see which one of my children were actually reading what I sent weekly. However, it was fun to do, and lasted for about a year.


I also added along the way what I called "memory moments". These were things from my past which I felt my children may not have known about me and I wanted to let them know as it was appropriate. I even added for a short time, a "Grandpop's Sunday Sermon" as my 5 grandchildren grew. There were times as the topic warranted that I let my children know my political views as well, however, based on what the Bible had to say on that particular topic.

As I have mentioned before, I cannot thank the many pastor's and teacher's that I have used ideas from to write these DSS. Each of you have been a valuable part in helping me to pass on to my children a "Dad's Legacy" of writing. I encourage all of you Dad's out there to remember, it's never too late to teach your children these most valuable of life lessons.