Dad's Sunday Sermon


I am offering a free copy of my book, which is described below, to anyone who simply drops me a line to .  Thank you for coming to my website.  If you are a Dad, I hope that this website may be of help to you in some way.  I do believe it will be well worth the short amount of your time it will take to read my book, whether you are a Dad or Mom, single or married, or old or young.


And when I say, free, I mean free.  No shipping and handling charges.  No getting information to sell your name to someone.  No ulterior motives.  No marketing gimmicks.  It's simple.  I feel strongly enough that my book may help, even just one person, that I feel called to send out free books all over the country. 
So here's all you need to do to get a free book.  Just email to, your full address.  I don't even need your name if you don't want to provide it, although I do like to pray for people by name.  I pray the Lord's guidance and direction for your life, and the hopes that you will enjoy my book.  If you do; tell someone else about this website, and if they want, I will send them a free book as well. 

Book Information


To get more information about the book and to order it online, go to Xulon Press website.  The link is below:



I have written a book called U-Turn and I am self publishing it through Xulon Press. It is from a personal experience I had that I wanted to share with my children. It actually started out to be a series for my DSS. However, once I began, I felt that I needed to do something in a bigger way, to both share with my children and others since it is life changing.  The link above will take you right to the site at Xulon if you want to order it.  I believe this book is also on other major book websites such as Amazon.  I have zero expectations. Any monies I receive in any way will all go to support various pastors in their ministries. I will be very content to let the Lord take it where He will.
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