Dad's Sunday Sermon

I cannot begin to thank the many pastors and teachers I have used to help me in writing these weekly DSS.  Below is a list of just a few of the many pastors that I have listened to over the years.  They are all great men of faith.  I would encourage any of you "Dad's" to go directly to any of their websites and listen for yourself.  I would also encourage you to pick up any of their books.  I found special insight in many of Max Lucado's books.  He is a phenomenal writer and has such a unique way of expression, that it makes what he says come alive and really impact the reader.  I have used many of his stories on my DSS each week.


Pastor Neil Kulp

Chelten Baptist Church, Fort Washington, PA


Pastor Chris Eshleman

Mountain View Chapel, Douglassville, PA


Pastor Joe Focht

Calvary Chapel, Philadelphia, PA


Pastor Scott Wendal

Pastor Sam Aylestock

Valley Forge Baptist Temple, Collegeville, PA


Pastor Kevin Labby / Pastor Pete Alwinson

Willow Creek Church, Winter Springs, FL


Pastor Adrian Rogers

Love Worth Finding Ministries, Memphis TN


Pastor Greg Laurie

Harvest Christian Fellowship, Riverside, CA


Pastor Billy Graham

Every one knows who he is.


Pastor David Jeremiah

Turning Point Ministries, San Diego, CA


Pastor David Gibbs

Christian Law Association, Seminole, FL


Pastor Charles Stanley

In Touch Ministries, Atlanta, GA


Pastor James Dobson

Focus on the Family and Family Talk, Colorado Springs, CO


Pastor Skip Heitzig

Connection Christian Radio, Albuquerque, NM


Pastor Randy Johnson

NorthPointe Community Church, Limerick, PA


Pastor Steve Brown

Key Life Ministries, Maitland, FL


Pastor Wayne Monbleau

Loving Grace Ministries, Lafayette, NJ


Pastor Robert Jeffress

Pathway to Victory Ministries, Dallas, TX


Pastor Max Lucado

Oak Hills Church, San Antonio, TX


Pastor James MacDonald

Walk in the Word, Elgin, IL