You are not what others say you are; you are what God says you are....that makes you worthy! 
Dad's Sunday Sermon
Melstar picnic circa 2013.....time flies!
Two Pics from the past........
Visitors while I am recovering.  Do you believe the person on the right I hadn't seen in 50 years....
Bill Goodwin took this shot from the TRUMP RALLY in Wildwood NJ.  Nice Seats.
A tough start of 2020 for the West Brothers....but Praise a Great God.....we are on the mend!
Kevin still racing cars in figure 8 style with his Mom as one of his pit crew....
Singing at the Christmas Pageant
All in for Jesus!!!!!
They are rejoicing in Heaven for Melanie
They are rejoicing in Heaven for Mike!
Love this picture that hangs in my home office.  I look at it every day.  A great reminder to who really gets you through the storms of your life.